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Thinking about joining the Windsor Police Service? A great first step to experiencing this life long rewarding career is to get involved in some of our volunteer opportunities. 

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Auxiliary Patrol

The Windsor Police Auxiliary comprises civilians from diverse backgrounds within the community. Their commitment serves as a vital asset benefiting both the community and the police service.

The Auxiliary Patrol Service patrols municipal parks from May until October as well as assists with special events. A minimum commitment of thirty five (35) hours per month is required for parks patrol as well as ten (10) special events annually.


Auxiliary patrol members will only be paid for parks patrol duties. 

ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA: •Must be 18 years or older; •Must be a citizen or permanent resident of Canada; •Has successfully completed four years of secondary school education or equivalent; •Must possess a valid class “G” Ontario Driver’s license with full driving privileges; •Must possess valid first aid and CPR certificates by date of hire; •Provide six acceptable references attesting to the candidate’s good character; •Satisfactorily complete an oral interview; •Consents to a background investigation, the results of which are satisfactory to the Service; •Is physically and mentally able to perform the duties of the position; •Satisfactorily completes a physical examination by a medical practitioner; •Possesses an acceptable work record; •Agrees to be bound by Oaths of Office & Secrecy; •Successfully completes all Auxiliary Patrol recruit training.

SPECIAL OPPORTUNITIES: Honour Guard The Windsor Auxiliary Police Honour Guard participates in parades, colour presentations, educational events, officer funerals, and other significant events. Their mission is to represent the Windsor Police Service and Auxiliary Unit with utmost honor and integrity. Bike Team The Windsor Police Auxiliary Bike Team, consisting of experienced officers, specializes in tactical bike riding. Equipped with specialized training, they patrol several parks and trails across the City of Windsor, including the Riverfront Trail, Ganatchio Trail, and Malden Park. On-the-job training Auxiliary members engage in valuable on-the-job trainings (O.J.T.s), or "ride-alongs," enhancing their skills alongside regular officers. These experiences are crucial for their ongoing development, exposing them to real-life scenarios and promoting learning. Special Events The Windsor Police Auxiliary supports 70+ volunteer events annually, totaling 10,000+ volunteer hours. They aid in various events including Fireworks, the Canada Day Parade, and the Santa Claus Parade, managing traffic and guiding citizens. Attendance at these large events is mandatory for all Auxiliary officers. Parks Patrol The Windsor Police Auxiliary patrols the city's 209 parks and trails from May to September. Members commit to at least six park shifts per month, including two on weekends. They provide visible policing, aiding the public and reporting to ensure park safety.


Do NOT include DOB or SIN # on any documentation or your resume that you submit.

Youth Programs

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Windsor Police provides Youth Programs in and out of the school system. Our High School Co-Op program is available for current high school students in the fall and spring semesters. In the summer we offer the Youth In Policing Initiative (YIPI).


Interested students should contact their guidance counselors for more information about both programs.


Placement opportunities are also available for post-secondary students in various areas of the Service.

These programs enhance the link between the police and the neighbourhoods we serve. They also give young people an opportunity to develop job skills while fostering positive partnerships with the Windsor Police Service.​​​


Co-op Students

The Cooperative Education Program is designed to assist High School students with on-site workplace training. The components of cooperative education include classroom, placement, assessment and evaluation. If a student has an interest in policing as a career through their school and co-op teachers, they are placed in various units within the Windsor Police Service and report to work on a daily basis during their semester. Students learn important lessons and make valuable contacts. Co-op students are provided with positions on a semester basis in agreement with our local school boards and forms part of the Grade 11 or 12 curriculum courses. All candidates must successfully pass an interview and a local records check to be given consideration. The course work is part of the students’ secondary school education, and is graded along with all other school subjects. Please contact your Co-Op teacher for available placements.

Please Note:

We are currently not accepting applications for

co-op students. 


Youth In Policing Initiative (Y.I.P.I.)

Windsor Police Service participates annually in the Youth In Policing Initiative, sponsored by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services, Youth Justice Services Division. 

Youth In Policing Initiative (Y.I.P.I.) is an eight-week summer employment program for youth from at-risk communities and is intended to support youth in gaining valuable employment experience, exposure to general life skills and  developing mentoring relationships with local police staff.  


Not only is this an excellent opportunity for students to earn an income, the program also fosters a mentoring and positive relationship between youth and police personnel and is also well received by community agencies and local school boards from which we seek referrals.

To participate in the program, applicants may apply online. For more information applicants  are encouraged to contact their school Guidance Counsellor or contact us.


Provide support to the Mentor/Supervisor in charge of respective departments or divisions such as Training Branch, and Community Services Branch.


QUALIFICATIONS: •Be a current high school student between the ages of 15-18 ; •Be legally eligible to work in Canada; •Be seeking work experience and job skills training; •Must not have a criminal record; •Be of good moral character and be able to successfully complete the background check process; •Be able to commit to all 8 weeks of the program (Work Monday-Friday. No vacation days other than recognized statutory holidays). •Have not completed the program in the past; •Be returning to high school in September of the current year.

To participate in the program, applicants may speak to their school Guidance Counsellor. 

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