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Why Join
Windsor Police?

There are many benefits of joining our team of diverse and highly dedicated individuals. Windsor, Ontario is a relatively small to medium sized community. Situated on the border of the United States across from Detroit, Michigan, Windsor has all of the amenities of a larger city but our commute times are short, our housing options are vast and affordable and our community atmosphere is second to none. Quite simply, Windsor is a great place to live and serve. Embark on a rewarding and fulfilling career with the Windsor Police Service and help make a lasting impact on your community.


Compared to many other cities in Canada, Windsor boasts a lower cost of living. Housing, transportation, and daily expenses are generally more affordable, allowing residents to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle without breaking the bank.  


Windsor is distinguished by its tight-knit, community-driven ethos, characterized by the friendliness of its residents and is packed with multicultural harmony. The city thrives on community events and festivals that celebrate shared traditions, fostering camaraderie among its diverse population. Supportive neighborhoods, active volunteerism, and a commitment to local businesses contribute to a sense of togetherness, while a shared passion for sports and recreation further strengthens community bonds. Windsor's resilience reflects the community's ability to come together, demonstrating a profound sense of unity and shared purpose among its residents. 


As a recruit joining the WPS, the province has removed tuition fees for the Basic Constable Training program at the Ontario Police College. This allows you to focus on training and not worry about having to pay tuition fees. Furthermore, as a WPS officer, you are encouraged to pursue higher education opportunities, and you may qualify for reimbursement of post-secondary tuition fees.


With quick commute times in Windsor and Amherstburg, you will spend less time on the road and more time doing what you love. Commute times typically range from 15-30 minutes.


Living in Windsor as a border city offers a unique and advantageous lifestyle that comes with a plethora of benefits. The international border location crossing over to Detroit, Michigan contributes to a rich cultural blend, as residents have the chance to experience the best of both Canadian and American influences. The cross-border collaboration also extends to education and healthcare, with residents having access to world-class facilities on both sides. Moreover, the scenic beauty of the region, with the Detroit skyline as a backdrop, adds a unique charm to daily life. Overall, living in Windsor, as a border city, offers a dynamic and vibrant lifestyle that combines the best of both Canadian and American worlds.


Windsor boasts a friendly and welcoming community atmosphere. The city's residents often highlight the strong sense of community, making it an ideal place to raise a family or connect with like-minded individuals. Windsor Police Service embraces the city’s culture and is an inclusive workplace, welcoming to everyone.


Windsor is known for its cultural diversity, with a mix of ethnic communities that contribute to a rich tapestry of traditions, cuisines, and festivals. The city celebrates its multicultural heritage through various events.  

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